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Secure and Profitable Businesses


Surveillance networks are often associated with safety and loss prevention, but they can also bring added benefits. By utilizing advanced hardware and analytics, your stores can benefit from increased revenue and cost savings, all while ensuring safety and security.

Protecting your business, boosting your bottom line

Video surveillance solutions can go beyond just reducing theft and violence in your business. By utilizing the hardware and software available, businesses can also optimize store layouts, staff allocation, and customer flow, leading to increased profits and customer satisfaction. Third-party applications can also be integrated for improved security, reducing shrinkage, and boosting operational efficiency.


Focus Areas


Prevent retail theft

Retail stores are particularly vulnerable to theft due to the open and accessible nature of their layout, making them an attractive target for thieves. With the right security solutions, however, retailers can protect their merchandise and prevent loss. This includes implementing video surveillance systems, access control systems, and anti-theft solutions such as electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags and labels. Retailers can benefit greatly from partnering with a trusted security solutions provider who can tailor a system to meet their specific needs.

Store types

With the use of network video and audio technology, businesses, whether single shops or chains of malls, can significantly improve their bottom line. Our solutions are designed to enhance daily operations, security, and customer experience. Our range of solutions include Department stores and shopping malls, Fashion and specialty stores,Food & grocery stores and more.


Retail solutions for network audio

Network audio solutions for retail enable businesses to improve the customer experience by creating an immersive environment. With network audio systems, retailers can deliver targeted messages, announcements, and music to customers throughout their store or shopping center. These solutions can also enhance security by providing live or pre-recorded alerts to notify customers of potential hazards or security concerns.

Integrated Systems


Create high-quality sound experiences for a variety of settings.

Intrusion Detection

Monitor networks, property, and assets for potential security breaches.


Implement, and manage computer networks in various settings.

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