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Revolutionizing parking, one space at a time


Unlock the complete potential of public or commercial parking areas with advanced network technologies from our industry partners. These innovative solutions from Axis and our partners offer intelligent ways to enhance the security, management, and profitability of your parking operations. You can now leverage these smart technologies to gain powerful new capabilities that can transform your parking operations into high-performing, secure, and efficient environments.

User-friendly parking solutions for you and your visitors

With our smart parking technology solutions and those of our partners, visitors to your location can enjoy a better parking experience that not only ensures the safety of their vehicles but also minimizes traffic congestion and accidents on city streets. With insights gathered from our technology, you can better maintain and expand your parking infrastructure, optimize revenue and efficiency, and eliminate the stress of searching for available parking. This creates a better first impression and a more positive experience for your visitors.


Focus Areas


Intelligent solutions for securing parking areas

Smart parking solutions utilize advanced technology to secure parking facilities and streamline parking operations. These solutions include a range of features such as license plate recognition, real-time monitoring, and automated payment systems. By implementing smart parking technology, businesses and municipalities can improve security, reduce traffic congestion and accidents, and optimize parking revenue and efficiency. Smart parking systems also provide valuable data insights, allowing operators to make informed decisions about infrastructure maintenance and expansion.

Exceptional experiences begin with parking

A visitor's first impression is often formed by their first contact with your services - the parking area. Visitors want to feel safe and secure about their personal belongings while leaving their vehicles in your care. By providing useful amenities such as video-based app-connected guidance to open parking spaces, you can impress your guests. Acknowledging or rewarding their visit with targeted offers and messaging can make their experience even better. Our network video and audio solutions offer the technology to make your parking area a great start to a memorable visitor experience.


Optimize your network's efficiency and productivity

Improve your parking management with smart network solutions that benefit both operators and visitors. Utilizing a comprehensive security platform, you can automate access, manage vehicle flow, and gather statistics on occupancy and vehicle movement. With integrated audio capabilities, guests can receive live or pre-recorded instructions and information. Automating digital payments further streamlines the parking experience for visitors. By leveraging advanced network technology, parking security can offer a range of benefits beyond safety and surveillance.

Integrated Systems

Access Control

Restrict access to resources or information to authorized individuals.

Video Surveillance

Monitor and record activity in various settings, from public spaces to private properties.


Facilitate two-way communication between individuals and groups across various settings.

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