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Safer and smarter netowrk solutions


Nexus technology solutions can enhance casino security and ensure regulatory compliance, while the use of analytics applications can help to transform surveillance equipment into powerful business tools for maximizing efficiency, reducing risk, and boosting profits.

Enhanced casino surveillance solutions

Drawing on years of experience in the casino industry, our IP video and audio solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of casinos. Our network cameras capture fine details such as cards, chips, and hand movements without unsettling players. Our comprehensive solutions allow for the supervision of entire resorts, monitoring of personnel, and detection of suspicious players and security threats. With advanced analytics, casinos can gather and analyze data for profitable insights into their operations. Our versatile solutions can be customized to meet regulatory requirements and easily adapted to changing legislation.


Focus Areas


Casino security measures

Our advanced hardware and software solutions are designed to enhance security in casinos, protecting both the property and its patrons. Our high-definition cameras with digital zoom and Wide Dynamic Range technologies allow for detailed monitoring of staff and guests, even in challenging lighting conditions or high-ceilinged areas. By pairing our hardware with innovative software, casinos can identify and investigate incidents of cheating and fraud more effectively. Our intelligent analytics can trigger automatic alerts, helping to anticipate and respond to emergencies, fights, and other forms of violence.

Maximizing operational efficiency

Nexus technology solutions provide benefits beyond security for casinos. With innovative analytical software like heat maps, people counting, and player appraisal, Axis video and audio hardware can be transformed into powerful tools for optimizing performance. Our IP solutions make detailed data gathering and analysis simple, providing valuable insights for pit managers to make informed decisions in real-time and mitigate risk while increasing turnover. Resort managers can use the data to make longer-term changes to staffing levels and casino floor layouts, making the entire operation more efficient and profitable.


Casino and customer-oriented solutions

Achieving a balance between safety and privacy can be challenging for casinos, but with the right equipment, it can be achieved effectively and discreetly. The high-definition cameras with digital zoom and Wide Dynamic Range technologies provide excellent coverage, even from long distances, without compromising the players' privacy. Our IP video and audio solutions offer a wide range of analytics applications that include software to identify VIP customers and alert floor managers. The same technology can also detect self-excluded gamblers, allowing casinos to operate in a responsible and profitable manner.

Integrated Systems

Access Control

Restrict access to resources or information to authorized individuals.


Create high-quality sound experiences for a variety of settings.


Implement, and manage computer networks in various settings.

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