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Redefining airport security and operations

Airport Security

For many years, we have been a reliable partner in aerodrome security. Our advanced technology not only ensures protection against unauthorized access but also enables automated early incident detection. With our innovative solutions, we can assist airport authorities in improving their flight operations and passenger services through data analysis and insights.

Total airport experience transformation

Creating a secure and seamless airport experience for all stakeholders requires innovative network solutions. Our solutions enable you to set higher standards in security, operations, and customer experience, as well as uncover new business opportunities for a smarter and more profitable airport. From the parking area to the runway, we provide the technology you need to meet stringent surveillance requirements and design a seamless airport journey for passengers and visitors.


Focus Areas


Protection against unauthorized entry

Effective protection against intrusions requires a multi-layered approach. Our advanced security solutions provide a comprehensive and cost-effective way to safeguard your protected areas. With remote monitoring capabilities, you can detect intrusions in real-time from virtually any location. Our surveillance systems combine thermal and visual cameras with video analytics to accurately detect and identify potential intruders while minimizing false alarms from wildlife or other causes. Additionally, security radars and PTZ cameras track movement and identify suspects, and network speakers can be used to deter their advance with pre-recorded or live messaging. Trust us to provide reliable intrusion protection for your aerodrome 24/7.

Safety for passengers and employees

Nexus ensures safe air travel for passengers and employees with advanced surveillance technology. Our solutions offer real-time intrusion detection, 24/7 remote monitoring, and the ability to distinguish between potential threats and false alarms. With thermal cameras, video analytics, security radars, and PTZ cameras, we provide comprehensive protection to safeguard against intruders. Our network speakers also allow for live or pre-recorded messaging to deter potential threats. Trust Nexus for top-tier airport safety.


Operation efficiency for increased passenger satisfaction

Nexus provides solutions that help airports meet the demands of airlines, ground services, retailers, and most importantly, passengers. By delivering real-time video to decision makers, Nexus enables proactive management of airport operations, from tracking ground services and luggage to improving people flow and customer experience. Nexus data-driven solutions provide insights into overcrowding, queue lengths, and boarding management, helping airport managers make informed decisions that increase operational efficiency and improve passenger satisfaction.

Integrated Systems

Access Control

Restrict access to resources or information to authorized individuals.


Implement, and manage computer networks in various settings.

Video Surveillance

Monitor and record activity in various settings, from public spaces to private properties.

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