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Empowering trust through technology


During a time of transformation in the banking sector, our technology ensures the security of financial institutions while also improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience.

Improving surveillance for security and efficiency

Video surveillance is a vital tool for securing retail banks, but network video and audio solutions offer more than just security. By integrating video analytics and hardware, financial institutions can gain insights into their operations and clients, enabling them to protect customers, staff, and assets while also increasing sales, decreasing costs, and enhancing the overall banking experience.


Focus Areas


Complete banking security solutions for all areas of operation

Our advanced network video and audio solutions enable financial institutions to tackle evolving security threats such as robberies, thefts, and frauds. With versatile and adaptable technology, we provide the means to protect against different sources of threat - today and in the future. Our high-definition cameras, together with reliable software, create a tailored surveillance system to meet your specific needs. Our innovative video surveillance solutions safeguard your customers, staff, and assets in the banking sector.

Enhancing branch efficiency and customer satisfaction

As the banking industry faces disruption from digitization, online competition, and regulatory changes, the role of bank branches is changing. However, their primary goal remains the same: to provide services and generate sales while managing costs. To help achieve this, we offer hardware and video analytics solutions that can enhance branch operations, reduce wait times, optimize staffing, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


The advantages of video surveillance for ATMs

First and foremost, it enhances security by deterring criminal activity and providing crucial evidence in the event of a crime. Surveillance footage can also help identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, ensuring that customers' funds are protected. In addition, ATM surveillance can improve operational efficiency by enabling remote monitoring of machines, allowing for proactive maintenance and reducing downtime.

Integrated Systems

Intrusion Detection

Monitor networks, property, and assets for potential security breaches.


Implement, and manage computer networks in various settings.

Fire & Emergency

Ensuring compliance with codes and regulations and maximum safety for commercial facilities.

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