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Intelligent Security for Smart Properties

Perimeter and area security

Parameter and area security is essential for protecting properties from theft, vandalism, and other security incidents. A strong security plan can provide a deterrent for potential intruders, limit access to authorized personnel only, and create a safer environment for property owners and occupants.

Benefits of Perimeter Security

  • Vehicle Access Contro: Automated gates l can be used to limit and monitor vehicular traffic on a property, providing an additional layer of security against unauthorized access.

  • Increased Safety: One of the most significant benefits of having strong parameter and area security measures in place is increased safety. 

  • Reduced Risk of Theft and Vandalism: Having visible security measures such as fencing and gates can act as a deterrent for potential intruders.

  • Improved Property Value:  Properties with visible security measures such as fencing and gates can be more attractive to potential buyers, tenants and customers while boosting the companies reputation.

How Perimeter Security Systems Work

Perimeter and area security involves a range of physical and electronic security measures that work together to protect a property from unauthorized access. Physical measures such as fencing, walls, and barriers provide a first line of defense, while electronic measures such as video surveillance, motion detectors, and alarms can detect and alert authorities to security breaches.

Electronic security measures such as video surveillance, access control systems, and alarms are often used in conjunction with physical barriers to provide a multi-layered approach to security.

Alarms can be triggered by a variety of events, such as unauthorized access attempts, motion detection, or door/window tampering. They can be used to alert security personnel or authorities and deter intruders.

Vehicle access control systems such as automatic gates, license plate recognition, RFID, and boom barriers can be used to restrict and monitor vehicular traffic on a property, providing an additional layer of security.

Fully integrating all of these different security measures can provide a comprehensive security plan that is more effective than relying on any one measure alone.


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