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Efficient and Secure Logistics

Logistics Centers

Effective logistics involves more than just timely delivery from A to B. It also requires ensuring that the correct goods are delivered to the correct destination without any incidents or deviations. Axis provides the necessary tools to safeguard your goods and infrastructure, while also offering valuable business intelligence to enhance proactive logistics and improve operational efficiency.

Facilitating flawless logistics and boosting performance

As the risk of organized crime targeting goods in transit continues to rise and the logistics chain becomes increasingly fragmented, ensuring security has become more challenging than ever. This places higher demands on every aspect of the supply chain. Discover a range of network video solutions that can help protect your facilities, fleets, and track your customers' goods. By improving security, you can reduce costs and increase precision in your delivery service. Choose a more transparent and secure logistics solution that can help you achieve your goals.


Focus Areas


Protection and safety

Protecting your goods requires proactive control over your premises and storage locations. Our network solutions provide comprehensive coverage and advanced analytics software for enhanced security. Early detection of suspicious activities and perpetrators is made possible through intrusion detection video analytics, allowing for prompt countermeasures to minimize the impact. Efficient perimeter protection means allowing authorized access at the right time. Manage delivery traffic and secure access to loading docks through automated and remote vehicle entry.

Efficient operations for improved performance

Ensure better control of your goods, streamline your operations, and boost your business performance. Utilize high-quality, documented footage to verify the delivery of your products, track items in storage and at loading docks. Our security and visual tracking solutions provide transparency for the flow of goods, enabling you to monitor your operations efficiently. With Axis, you can discover and prove exactly what has happened to each piece of goods under your responsibility, leading to streamlined processes and enhanced business outcomes.


Improving customer satisfaction

In the logistics business, issues like damaged or stolen goods can result in claims and unhappy customers. Axis network solutions provide a competitive edge in the expanding e-commerce sector by offering visibility into the last mile of delivery. This not only enhances customer satisfaction, but also safeguards against false claims and enables proactive response to lost or damaged shipments. Quickly proving responsibility can result in significant advantages in a business where thousands of claims are filed daily.

Integrated Systems

Access Control

Restrict access to resources or information to authorized individuals.

Intrusion Detection

Monitor networks, property, and assets for potential security breaches.


Implement, and manage computer networks in various settings.

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